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Jim Croce - “Photographs & Memories”

I am grouping the pictures I have by subject matter. Some of them are very poor quality but I have done my best to restore them.  I have had trouble with some of them because they went through a fire and have taken on a grainy appearance.  Since they are all I have, I will share them here. 

I have put each group in a slide show in their own pop up window to cut down on load time. Click on each link to bring up the picture group and then use the buttons below the pictures to browse through them.

It has given me pleasure to look through them and I hope they will bring back memories for some of you.  Those of you that did not know Harry in those years, I hope they will give you some more insight into why we all love him so much.


PS.  Not all of the pictures have Harry in them but I thought they were appropriate because of the subjects.

Disneyland - 5 pictures Tucson, Arizona - 7 pictures
Playroom - 6 pictures Holidays & Birthdays - 7 pictures
Odds & Ends - 8 pictures
Bratcher's - 7 pictures

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