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    list of friends is as long as it is varied.  I will not be able to list them all as I, myself, only know the ones from the years I knew Harry.  I will list them chronologically or as close to it as memory serves, with the exception of his wife, sons and sisters’ families.

    Some names have been linked to the Memories page so you can read what they have written about their time with Harry. 

    If anyone knows of someone that should be added to this list, please contact me and I will gladly add their names here. 

    Josephine, Aidan & Keiran Fire Lame Deer (Peterson)
    Archie Fire Lame Deer – deceased
    Sandra Fire Lame Deer
    John Fire Lame Deer & Family
    Dick & Susan (Peterson) Clussman
    Wayne & Cheryl (Peterson) Carpenter
    Chuck & Rachael Boyer

    Ron, Lea Blair & Family
    John, Charlene Edwards & Family
    Bob Edwards & Family
    Kelly Capelli
    Rick & Lindy Bratcher
    Lucille Markel – deceased
    Louise Cutright - deceased
    Carol Cutright
    Shani Proctor - Viramontes – deceased
    Colleen Proctor & Josue Miranda
    Phillip, Kristi, Sidnee & Nick Viramontes
    Margaretha Obbes
    Paula Presser - Brown
    Susan Underwood
    Sheila Smith & Family (Rachel, Nichole & Holly)
    Doug & Tracey Ward
    Jay & Cheryl Cunningham
    Mike Ward
    Larry “Bear” Roberts
    Christine Roberts – deceased
    Cretia Shire & Family
    Kevin Kipp
    Shawn Jones & Ms. Moon
    Mark McAtee

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