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    was born in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, March 13, 1950.  His father worked for the railroad. His mother was ill with Tuberculosis and died suddenly when Harry was just a young boy of 10.

    Harry has two older sisters, Susan & Cheryl. Susie’s husband is Dick Clussman and Cheryl is married to Wayne Carpenter.

    Harry attended Emerson Elementary School and P. J. Jacobs High School in Stevens Point and graduated June 1968. Charles “Chuck” Boyer was his best friend even until the end of his days and they kept in touch through all the long years of friendship.  Harry and Chuck married twin sisters, Harry marrying Sandy, December 19, 1970. Harry and Sandy moved to Ventura, Ca. in the 70’s where Chuck and his wife had already moved.

    He was married twice in his life. His first wife, Sandy, is the mother of his daughter, Heather. Heather was born, June 6, 1974.  Then much later in his life, October 1996, he married Josephine Fire Lame Deer, his second wife and the mother of his two sons, Aidan and Kieran.  Aidan was born in Santa Paula, Ca., February 10, 1997.  Santa Paula was Harry's home for almost 20 years until his move to Sturgis, So. Dakota with his wife and son Aidan, where Kieran was born in 2002.

    Harry enjoyed playing the guitar, shooting pool and just hanging out with his friends. He did all three at his home in Santa Paula on the Badger Ranch. 

    In his lifetime, Harry worked mostly in the grocery industry.  He worked for a private market in Stevens Point, then when moving to Ca. he went to work for Alpha Beta Market in East Ventura.  He left Alpha Beta to work for Mira Monte Grocery in Ojai, from there on to a better paying job with Hostess delivering Hostess donut products before injuring his back and having back surgery.   He went though disability rehab and then started work as a sales representative at Jones InterCable in Oxnard, Ca.  After Jones was bought out he stayed with the new company, Adelphia,  before it was taken over by Verizon where he worked until his move to So. Dakota. Harry also worked briefly for Weber’s Bread while trying to get on full time with Hostess and also drove a truck delivering meat at the same time.

    Harry was 54 years of age at the time of his death in Sturgis, So. Dakota. He leaves us all much richer for being in our lives.  His wife, Josephine, two sons, Aidan and Kieran, his sisters, Susie and Cheryl along with many friends and extended family will mourn his sudden passing for a very long time.

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