Here is a list of sites in the Islands portfolio from the most recent to the oldest to date.


Winter Bear Trading
A great site for Native American Arts and Crafts.  Turquoise jewelry, pottery, kachinas, rugs, baskets and collectibles.


Jay & Taraís Wedding:
A site built for my nieceís wedding and hosted by Wild Islands.

Harry Peterson Memorial site:
A memorial for one of my best friends. Hosted by Wild Islands.


Le Favor Shoppe:
An online shopping catalog for wedding and party favors. This site was given up and the template is for sale.


Aidanís Birthday :
A birthday presentation (one page) done in Adobeís Live Motion. You will need the Flash Plugin to view this page.


The Sweat Gazette Online :
This is a Navtive American Newsletter online from Ventura  County, Ca.  I have recently redone the front page for it and will be updating the older pages with new graphics as time permits. The graphics on the front page are done using images from the "Red Road" calandar by the Photographer Veretta.  Veretta  was kind enough to let us use the images for this online magazine and will opening her own site soon at ...

Bratcher Custom Painting :
A small site with picture viewers for a professional house painter in the Phoenix area in Arizona.  All graphic work and picture viewers are custom made to the owners specifications.  He wanted the site to look like his business card with the same logo.


This site was done for the "Court Appointed Advocates Association" in Eugene, Oregon.  The 'kids' are from Billy Bear's Playground and were incorperated into image maps and used to build the site with.  All other graphic work was done by me unless otherwise noted.

Magic Island :
Constantly being revised and updated.  A very popular place with web surfers.  Fun and some parts are very informative.  There be Faeries here!


Charlene's Japanese Tea Garden :
One page for a friend who loves oriental things.


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