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As of 2007 I am no longer taking work as a graphic artist. I have started a new business and it keeps me very busy! Thank you, to all my regular visitors and friends, I know you will understand. I will be taking these pages down after the change of the year, 2008.

Brightest Blessings to you all,

Winter Bear Trading

October 16, 2004

Due to the death of my mother January 1, 2003, I have not been able to update this site. I did, however, do two graphic sites, one for my niece’s wedding June 19, 2003, and a memorial site for one of my best friends August 2003.

You can view Jay & Tara’s Wedding here and the Harry Peterson Memorial site here.

Due to excessive amounts of spam I have had to delete the contact link for email at wildisland.  If you wish to contact me you can just address the email to wildisland   at


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