“Voyager Theme Song”

Welcome aboard The B’Elanna Torres.
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This set is a linkware item and is available to Personal/Non-Profit sites for a link back to the Islands. If you are a fan of Star Trek Voyger and her Chief Engineer B’Elanna Torres, please contact me for arrangements to pick up the files.  When writing please include a valid URL and a brief discription of your site.

This set can be customized for your Business/Commercial site, but will not include the sound files as they are the sole property of Paramount Studios.  Other sound files can be substituted to replace the ones in this set. The Business/Commercial fee is $60.00 and that includes text and sound changes only.  Contact me for more information.

The sound files for this set are compliments of Star Trek in Sound and Vision website and Paramount Studios. Please visit them for more information on using these files.

Digbats were used to produce the animations in the B’Elanna screen.  TrekBats were used for the faux Enterprise and Cropbats for the other images. Both can be found at the Font Garden.

Business/Commercial License $60.00



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