Marsha & M

"My Garden House Sister"

When I first started to work on this set it seemed to snowball on me. I just wanted to make something simple for my sisters at the Garden House. But the more I worked on it the more it seemed to grow! Sound familiar?  Hmmm... The Garden House "Where Friendships Bloom".  Go figure.

I first started surfin' the net in 1997. I found a wonderful place called "Ladybug's Garden" and when I decided to put up a home page of my own I wrote to Ladybug to ask her if I could add her to my list of links.  She wrote me a very sweet note of acceptance and told me if I had any questions she would be glad to help me.  What glorious news that was!  I wrote back and we started meeting online so she could give me a few lessons in HTML. You probably have guessed, I have been hooked ever since.

About half way into the lessons Marsha suggested I join one of the woman's groups on the web she belongs to called the "Garden House". I have been a member of this loving group ever since.

So, I decided to dedicate this set to my teacher and friend, Marsha - aka "Ladybug", for her selfless giving to others and the fine example she sets for us all.  Marsha, I love you dearly and your friendship means the world to me! Without your help I would not be where I am today, feeling good about myself and being happy sitting here creating little goodies for others to enjoy. You have not only taught me HTML and made me learn it inside out, but you have been an inspiration and have set before me a path I can only dream of following. You are a tower of strength and have the patience of Job for taking me on! I just wanted to say "Thank you" in this special way, and tell you, you are loved...
PS. Psst! Marsha, I left a glass of Lemonade for you on the "table" up top!

For those of you who are interested in learning HTML coding, my friend Ladybug has an online school called Ladybug’s HTML School that you can attend at your leasure to learn all you need to know about coding pages like these. Please drop her a note if you decide to give it a go and tell her Miranda sent you.  If you live in the area of Atlanta, Georgia and would like to have professional work done for you, please visit  Wildwood Forest Studios, Ladybug's professional Website service. I can promise you, you won't be sorry!

Garden House Sisters is a Linkware item and can be used for a link back to the Islands.  If you are interested please contact me for the files.

Business/Commercial sites can license this set for $90.00.  Licenses can be purchased from PayPal or you may contact me directly.

Business/Commercial License $90.00



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