There is nothing in this world I appreciate more than a good laugh. Laughter is one of the heathest things in this world or any other.

Have you ever had “One of Those Days”? Well, if you have then you will surely appreciate this poor guy!

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One of Those Days is a linkware item and is available for download to Personal/Non-Profit sites for a link back to the Islands.

Business/Commercial websites may license this set for $60.00.  Licenses may be purchased from PayPal or you may contact me directly.

HuMan Abducted

A man was abducted yesterday while drinking his morning coffee.  Upon arriving home late last night he told his wife he was no-longer going to take out the trash as he was afraid of Aliens!! Well, I have heard every excuse in the Universe, but this was a new one on me!

                                                                       Byline by
Rynsolfric from Third Rock


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