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Here you will find sets available for download for a link back here to the Islands.  If you are not familiar with the term Linkware, please read the Terms of Use for an explaination. 

Linkware sets are available to Business/Commercial sites for a licensing fee.  Licenses may be purchased from PayPal or you may contact me directly.

Due to an enormous amount of spam, I have had to take down the contact links on this site. If you need to reach me, please write to wildislands   at  wildislands.com


Be My Valentine

Misc 2001

B’Elanna Torres

The Faeries

Forest of the Blue Moon Faeries

Bonsai Madam Butterfly

The Funnies

One of those Days!

Misc 2000

Purple Tiles

Green Velvet

Champagne Grapes


Rainbow Bridge

Quilter’s Corner

Frame Sets

Out of Africa

The House Painter

Misc 1999

Garden House Sisters

Send in the Clowns

Ode to Crop Circles

TechNo Center

Capital Trees

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