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Send in the Clowns

When I started making this set I decided to try and present something different but very dear to my heart. I have spent a lot of time in the Native American world.  Part of the time working, the other, learning everything I could about the people, customs, beliefs and ways of acceptable behavior.

It is not surprising that I would fall in love with the sacredness of both the "People" and  their beliefs.  Part of that love goes to the sacred clown.

Clowns are known by many names... Koshari (the Hopi black and white clown you see  above), Koyemsi (the Mudheads) and the Heyoka (the Lakota sacred clown, also black  and white). Clowns are commonly mistaken for a type of Kachina, but in actuality are not a Kachina at all.  They are considered a teacher and a side dancer, one who comes out between the ceremonies to entertain and teach the people through wild antics and inappropriate behavior.

The clown shows up in most of the Native American cultures.  He is a teacher of the most sacred and profane. Of light and dark.  That is why I chose the images for the mouseovers to go with this Navigational Element. The handcuffs are a good example of what a clown might think when you say "link to me"!  Also, the Pony Express image.  I don't think I have to tell you what most Native Americans would say about the invasion of the Pony Express through their territory. But what ever the clown is, he always retains his sense of humor through it all and that is one reason he is so sacred. How many of us can say that, too few, I am sure.

I have come to love the clowns more than I can say.  Most in general and one in particular.  What he has shown me is there is no true black and white in life or love. All things are truly blended, all things can be sacred or profane, and it just depends on how you choose to view them.  Clowns are funny, light-hearted and profound, and if you happen to have the good luck to come to know a clown, I can guarantee your life will be changed forever!

I would like to dedicate this set to my adopted family.  The Lame Deer's.  Without whom I would probably not be here now...

Archie Fire Lame Deer
April 10, 1935 - January 16, 2001

Send in the Clowns is a Linkware item and can be used for a link back to the Islands.  If you would like to have this set please contact me for the files.

Business/Commercial sites can License this set for $60.00. Licenses can be purchased from PayPal or you may contact me directly.

Business/Commercial License $60.00



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