My beautiful, glorious,
simply uproarious,
wonderful Thingamajig!

Have you ever had a Thingamajig? Well, I have!  In fact, I have had two but the wheels fell off! But, no matter... I have made another one.

If you would like to have this Thingamajig you can license it for Personal/Non-Profit sites for $15.00.  Business/Commercial sites may license this Thingamajig for $45.00. You can purchase your license from the Shopping Island, PayPal or contact me for details.

This Thingamajig can be customized to suit your site needs.  Colors and text can be changed and extra buttons, bars and tables can be added if you like.

I hope you like this splendiferous Navigational Element! I sure do!

Personal/Non-Profit License $15.00
Business/Commercial License $45.00



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