Fine handmilled soaps for the bath and kitchen.

Our products contain no harmful additives but are pure clean soaps of the finest herbal extracts available.  Liquid Soaps, Bar Soaps, Children’s selections and Gift Baskets available

Suzie’s Suds can be customized to suit your own site if you would like.  This  is just an example of what can be done to make your site appealing to your  customers.  This Splash page comes with matching graphics that will give you an idea of what your other pages would look like.  Click    here   to view the other graphics.

This set is available for a licensing fee of $150.00 for Business/Commercial sites or $50.00 to Personal/Non-Profit sites.  All the customizations are included in the pricing.  You can purchase your license from the Shoppe, PayPal or contact me directly.

Personal/Non-Profit License $50.00
Business/Commercial License $150.00



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