There was an Ol’ Woman who lived in a shoe,
She had so many children she didn’t know what to do!

This Fairy Tale item is completely done in Adobe’s Live Motion and saved in a Flash (swf) format.  You will need the Flash pluging to view it and can get it from Macromedia’s website for free here.  It will take a long time to load if you do not have a DSL connection, so be prepared to wait. Sorry about that but I have actually made it with my own grandchilden in mind, as I wanted them to have something special to introduce them to Mother Goose and the rhymes I grew up with.  (I hope to be doing other Fairy Tales in the future.  If you have any suggestions please write to me with your own ideas!)

Personal/Non-Profit sites may license this Flash piece for $30.00. If you have a Business/Commercial site the fee is $100.00. Also, other matching graphics can be made to match this interface. You can purchase your license from the Shoppe, PayPal or contact me for details.

Special Notice:  Elementary Teachers!  If your classroom has a website or if you use computers in your classroom and would like to have this Flash piece for you wee ones please contact me and I will give you this piece and set it up for you to use NO CHARGE!  You DO NOT have to have an internet connection to view this piece on you computer if you just load the plugin and save the piece to a folder of your choice.  Our children deserve the best we can give them!!

Personal/Non-Profit License $30.00
Business/Commercial License $100.00



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