Pondlings are a rare and curious bunch and will only come out at Dawn or Dusk. They hang out by small bodies of water, ie; ponds, and will loll around on lily pads or any flowers they can find as long as they are by water or have water on them.  They are quite beautiful and old fashioned in their demeanor, but when aroused are a force to be reckoned with! Peaceful, for the most part, they spend their time as guardians of the ponds, garden waters and even rain-puddles. It is said that where ever a Pondling is, good luck and prosperity follows.  So, be careful and try not to step on one...

Note: This piece is done in a Flash Format and you will need the plugin to access it.  You will find the plugin here.

To start the “show” please click on the ”Dusk” button on the image above, then move your mouse over the text links. If you would like music Click Here and Windows Media Player will load in a separate window to provide some atmosphere for you. *wink!

You may license this rare glimpse of the Pondlings to Personal/Non-Profit sites for a fee of $45.00. Business/Commercial sites may license this set for $125.00.  Licenses may be purchased from the Shoppe, PayPal or you can contact me directly.

Since this piece was done using Live Motion/Flash and has taken over a month to complete, all customizations will be done on an hourly basis at the usual fee. Please see the Terms of Use page for information or contact me directly for details regarding this item.

Personal/Non-Profit License $45.00
Commercial/Business License $125.00



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