Welcome to Petuniaís Easter Egg Hunt.
      If you are interested in having this set, there are two ways to
      get it. You can pay for a license or you can go on the hunt!

      The rules for the hunt are simple. Just count the target tags
      and send me an email with the correct amount and I will send
      you the set. For those of you who do not know what a target
      tag is it is an image that has MORE than one rollover. You
      will have to count the total tags for the amount. (if an image
       has three things that popup, that counts as three, regular
      rollovers donít count)

      Ok, off you go and happy hunting! Oh, ya! If you are
      wondering who Petunia is, she is the Easter Bunny!


Personal/Non-Profit licenses are $25.00.
Business/Commercial licenses are $75.00.


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