Every now  and then I have to do something just for fun and this really fit the bill this  time!!  I have laughed and giggled myself silly making this Navigational Element.  Nothing like a little humor to brighten ones day!  I hope no one is offended by the title of this set.  I realize that the Day of the Dead is a very serious event for those of Mexican heritage, but I could not think of a better  title.  It just seemed to fit so I appoligize if it seems inappropriate.

If you would like to have this Navigational Element it is available for a  licensing fee of $15.00 to Personal/Non-Profit sites and $45.00 to Business/Commercial sites.  Licenses may be purchased from the Shoppe, Pay Pal or you can contact me directly with your  order.

The title text and text on the buttons can be changed to suit your needs and  the changes are included in the price of the set.  Other graphics can be made to go with this item for an additional fee.  If you have any questions please feel  free to contact me.

Personal/Non-Profit License $15.00
Business/Commercial License $45.00



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