How does my garden grow? Mine grows very well, thank you!!

This water color set is available for a licensing fee of $15.00 to Personal/Non-Profit sites.  Business/Commercial sites may license this set for $45.00. All of the text is readily customizable to suit your site needs and the customizations are included in the pricing. The only color changes available for this set are the text colors which are also included in the pricing. Other bars, buttons and tables can be made to go with this set.  The charges will depend on how much work you would like done. (See the Terms of Use for pricing.)

Licenses may be purchased from the Shoppe, PayPal or you can contact me directly.

If you are a member of Fiona’s Clan of the Faerie, you may have this set by writing to me.  Please include your URL and your MemberShip information.

Personal/Non-Profit License $15.00
Business/Commercial License $45.00



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