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The Golden Dragon is a Custom Navigational Element and is available for download for a licensing fee of $30.00 to Personal/Non-Profit sites.  Business/Commercial sites may license this set for $90.00. As always; bars, buttons and pretty tables can be made to go with this set for an additional fee. Please contact me for the details if you are interested.  Licenses for the Golden Dragon can be purchased from the Shoppe, PayPal or you may contact me directly if you prefer.

If you would like to have some fun and have your mind blown at the same time, click on the I-Ching button above for a quick reading on line! It was so good I bought the software!  *giggle!  And... If you like that one you will love Sabrina’s Chinese Astrology site done in Flash. (Click the Chinese Astrology button above)

Did you know 2000 is the Year of the Golden Dragon?


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Personal/Non-Profit Licence $30.00
Business/Commercial License $90.00



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